About Counselling

Head Space
From Chaos to Calm

With talk therapy I provide a supportive & non-judgmental space. More importantly this space allows you to explore your issues. As we work together talk therapy helps you find your way, eventually. Sometimes we all get stuck because that’s life and life can be hard and cruel and unfair. So counselling can help you with depression and anxiety. Also, it can help with you grief and abuse. Similarly with psychotherapy we work together to help you heal the past and plan for the future. 

Counselling can provide you with a safe and private space. You can regain a sense of peace and calm. I use an integrative, humanistic approach. My role is to  support you. Help you find healing and resolution. With counselling you will learn coping skills and  meet life’s challenges while aiding self-discovery

What I love most about the work I do is when a client makes a break through. This gives  meaning to the therapeutic work we do. On the flip side to this I am challenged (in my own process not to interfere) when I see a client make life choices that we both know could damage their  quality of life. But I understand that my client’s life is their life.  Everyone has their own path to walk. But we can explore that path also. Counselling can do this for you.

What I love also is seeing my client grow strong. This allows them to cope with the problems of life. 

I also use my own personal therapy to see if my process impacts on my counselling work. Yes, even counsellors and psychotherapist do attend therapy. We are human and feel pain too. We walk this road of life and understand the ups and down that life can throw at us all.

But in saying that. What I love about counselling and psychotherapy is the freedom that it can offer people. Therapy can help you throw off the chains that may be holding you down. Therapy can help you get rid of behaviours and patterns that have a negative effect on your life.

I engage with regular supervision because this is required for all counsellors and psychotherapists.