Therapy: What I do.

My approach to therapy / counselling is grounded in the Person Centred Approach (PCC).

By attending therapy and  through my only personal development I have created my own secure base . What this means is that I find the strength to continue in life from within. Not look outside of myself. This has allowed me to be at ease with who I am. In turn I believe my comfortableness allows my clients to relax. If the 3 core conditions are present then the capacity for a person to change can be possible.

What I do in therapy is I attempt to make a relational contact with my client and build a therapeutic relationship. With this therapeutic relationship in place I use my experience and felt sense  to understand my client needs. I stay with and track the client and do the work they want to do i.e. explicit objectives as agreed in the initial contract. But within the work other goals or  objectives arise which I clarify with the client. And if they want to add these new objectives to their goals then I will assist in that also.

Experiences of counselling has afforded me the chance to meet many psychotherapists. From these people I have learned a lot. My most valuable lesson was from the forceful therapists who were working from their agenda and not staying within my frame of reference. From these experiences it has granted me the ability to sit with my clients without imposing my agenda on them. Sometimes we make progress in the therapy and sometimes it feels as if we’re not moving at all. But as I know from my own experience, a person moves in their own process in their own time. As a psychotherapist my role is to hold the space and facilitate the client.

Who you meet

Becoming a therapist has helped me to become a better person. The work I do on myself allows me to work with clients. The work I do with clients shows me the work I need to do on myself. From working with clients I feel I have become more compassionate but also I have become more direct and congruent with people.